We provide Accounting and Finance assistance to streamline your financial departments. Supplement or outsource your CFO's work to our professionals! We'll get it done quickly and save you money.



Contract Controller and Chief Financial Officer

You have the staff in place who can get the accounting information in the accounting software. What you need is someone who can oversee your staff, give direction on how to improve your current system, and work with management to get the most out of your financial reporting.

This service is a good fit for organizations that have grown to a level that they need a seasoned professional to oversee the financial aspects of the business, but the cost of hiring that professional is not yet affordable. ASA offers the right solution. 


add tax planning and services

Businesses: Our business is forecasting and projecting your business. By analyzing your business history, we are able to better predict the next year and plan accordingly to save you money.

Individual: ASA's personal tax services aren't limited to once a year, we're with you year round, working to maximize your return and help you meet your financial goals.



Let us help you with the portion of your record keeping you have a hard time keeping up with or we can be the “double check” for the current bookkeeper. This service is customized for each organization’s needs.

Payroll Full Service

We can calculate, print, and prepare  all payroll tax reporting.

Payroll Assistance

Keep your detailed payroll information on your records and let us help you with the payroll tax reporting. You do the portion you are comfortable with. We can keep you on track with the reporting!



Be sure you are getting the right start! Let the expert come to you and set up your QuickBooks the way you need to use it for your company. Get up and running in a fraction of the time!


Get the QuickBooks training specific to your business. This training is not just about learning procedures, but learning the procedures that are efficient and effective to collect the information you want!


Get continued personalized support. You know whom you will be talking to and they know you too! Get problems resolved quickly and effectively.